Features To Add In Your Bathroom Remodeling Plans

A bathroom remodel is a significant personal and financial undertaking. The cost associated with the process and the disruption that a remodel causes can feel overwhelming, but it can all be well worth it in the end. In fact, if you have been considering a bathroom remodel, you should think about incorporating some unique and luxurious features that could really set your space apart and help you see the value in the journey.

Radiant Heat Flooring

In a bathroom, radiant heat flooring is a welcome addition. This is particularly true when you're getting out of the shower on a cold winter morning. Talk with your remodeling contractor about the benefits of adding radiant heat flooring and see if your new bathroom plans could accommodate the change. You may need to choose a different flooring material to work with the radiant heat. Bamboo, tile, and certain hardwood flooring options are ideal with radiant heat. Bamboo is great for bathrooms because it wicks away moisture and dries quickly.

Steam And Rain Shower Fixtures

A bathroom remodel is a perfect time for you to install a new shower structure. Some modern shower styles include steam, rain-style showerheads, and even full-coverage shower nozzles throughout the enclosure. Some people prefer to install frameless glass enclosures to create a brighter, more open-feeling space in the bathroom.

Additional Storage

One of the most common complaints from homeowners about bathroom space is insufficient storage. When you plan a remodel, discuss the options for expanded storage solutions with your contractor. Sometimes, you can create recessed spaces between the studs where you can frame in cabinet space, additional shelving, and other organizational elements. This makes it easier for you to keep the essentials where you can reach them and still keep them out of the way.

Smart Faucets

With so many things touched by technology, your home's faucets are no exception. When you remodel your bathroom, consider installing smart faucets for greater control, simplicity, and innovation. After all, with smart faucets, you have precise temperature and flow controls as well as touchless activation. This encourages better hygiene while letting you enjoy the advancements of the smart home evolution.

Talk with your remodeling contractor today for more advice about the right features and fixtures to include in your remodeling plan for your new bathroom. Consider the elements and conveniences that would mean the most to you as you build your final plans. For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor near you.

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