Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations To Enhance Your Home

If you want to increase the value of your home or simply update your living space, consider a home renovation. A home renovation can be a simple upgrade—such as installing new light fixtures—or it can be an extensive construction project. Here are some things about bathroom and kitchen home renovations for you to consider. 

Bathroom Renovations

Working with a remodeling contractor can make your bathroom renovation less challenging. They can help you choose your paint colors, counter finishes, and lighting fixtures. Seeking advice from a plumbing contractor, electrician, and tile contractor can also help you make the right choices for your needs.

For your bathroom renovation, choosing durable finishes that are resistant to stains, cracks, and chips such as quartz or granite can keep your bathroom looking new and fresh for many years to come. Further, choosing plumbing items, such as a low-flush toilet, can be economical and help you save money on your utility bills.

If you live with an elderly person or if someone in your household has mobility problems, then your bathroom renovation can include a higher toilet or a wall-mounted grab bar so that the person can steady themselves when getting on and off the toilet. 

Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovation can enhance both the appearance and efficacy of your kitchen. Even a small kitchen renovation can make cooking and leisure time more pleasurable. Before settling on a certain type of kitchen renovation, consider your budget, the size and shape of your kitchen, and how practical you want your kitchen to be after the renovation. For example, if you opt for stainless steel appliances, you may need to keep up with cleaning off fingerprints and smudges more often than you would with other finishes.

Low-maintenance materials, such as ceramic tile for your backsplash and marble for your countertops, are practical because they are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Some people even opt for stainless steel countertops for their sleek look and low maintenance. Keep in mind, that if you plan on replacing your kitchen floor with hardwood or laminate, you may need to replace, or at least refinish your cabinets so that both your floor and cabinets match.

A remodeling contractor can visit your home and give you a written estimate for the materials, appliances, and labor. A well-thought-out home renovation plan can enhance your living space, make it more functional, and add value to your home.


If you are considering home renovations, contact a remodeling service, such as Multicraft Home Remodeling, to learn more. 

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