4 Considerations For Anyone Remodeling Their Kitchen

Are you getting prepared to remodel your home's kitchen, and are now looking for ideas to make it something special?  You'll want to consider the following ideas to potentially use for yourself to ensure you do not have regrets later.

Deep Upper Cabinets Above The Refrigerator

A common mistake that people make is placing cabinets above their refrigerator that are very shallow and do not offer much room for storage. Not only are these cabinets hard to use, but people often place things on top of the refrigerator instead, which block the door of those upper cabinets. Consider having the cabinets above your refrigerator match the depth of the refrigerator. This ensures that everyone can reach the cabinets and you won't have clutter collecting on top of the appliance.

Hidden Trash Can

Everyone needs a trash can for their kitchen, and it ends up being in one of two places most of the time. The trash is either sitting out on the floor where it's in sight at all times, or it is underneath the sink with a very small trash can.  Both of these locations are not ideal, especially when you can create a hidden trash can that is full-size that is hidden as a drawer. You might as well plan to put a cabinet in that spot because the trash can will cause the other locations to go unused. 

Beverage Refrigerator

Do you find yourself running out of refrigerator space?  The solution may be to take out some of those beverages and put them in their own beverage refrigerator.  The cost of adding a beverage refrigerator is lower than you may think because it replaces the need to buy a cabinet for that space under your countertop. It's a nice touch that you can add to your kitchen and keep your refrigerator more organized.

Open Shelving

Some people love the idea of open shelving rather than cabinets. This can be great for some commonly used items, and prevent your walls from being filled with cabinets wall-to-wall.  In addition, open shelving saves you a lot of money by not using full cabinets in that part of your kitchen.  However, that is only if you have a painted wall behind the shelves.  Extending a backsplash behind the shelving will cost more in materials and labor. 

Reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor for more tips and other ideas to improve your kitchen. 

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