3 Strategic Upgrades To Make To Your Rental Home's Bathroom

As a rental property owner, you may like the idea of making improvements to generate more income over the months and years. However, you may be used to thinking about home upgrades with your family's wants and needs in mind. The difference with working on a rental is that you want to make the place more impressive to renters and easier to maintain.

Hiring bathroom remodelers for several strategic projects can give you this outcome.

Walk-In Shower

Splitting up a bathroom and shower is an excellent plan because you can make both features more impressive. For instance, a walk-in shower will provide more space for showering and have dedicated features, such as built-in storage and linear drains. This drain type easily opens up for cleaning purposes, preventing hair and soap scum from clogging the pipes.

A major advantage is getting to install a frameless shower door. Eliminating the metal track you typically find in showers will reduce the chance of mildew growth. You can also add an attractive and durable shower wall that looks great in rental listings and is easy to maintain.

Soaking Tub

When you remove the bath shower combo, you will also want to add a standalone tub. While a jetted tub is something you may enjoy having in your own home, you will likely benefit more from a soaking tub. A soaking tub keeps things simple. You do not have to worry about bathtub jets malfunctioning or getting dirty and requiring thorough and professional cleaning.

Renters will often love a deep tub that allows them to soak inside the water completely.


A smart move is to replace the vanity while prioritizing storage. Some tenants may have a large collection of bathroom products they want to use. By replacing the vanity with one that has a ton of storage through cabinets and drawers, you can accommodate these individuals. Most renters will appreciate the ample storage even if they do not plan on using it all right away.

Increasing the vanity's depth and getting one that is larger overall will boost storage. Another strategy is to add a medicine cabinet and shelves above the vanity alongside the mirror.

Replacing the vanity mirror with an oversized one is a worthwhile plan because it will make the bathroom easier for multiple people to use simultaneously.

Make these strategic upgrades to your rental home's bathroom to improve the experience as the owner and for your tenants. Contact a bathroom remodeling service near you to learn more.

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