Considerations for a New Custom Wine Cellar

A cellar design, insulating and cooling materials, and racking systems are addressed during a custom wine cellar planning process. A remodeling contractor has experience in planning an underground or aboveground remodeling project.

The Design

The design of a cellar will influence how much space there will be to store wine products and the manner in which they will be accessed. Someone who does not have a basement within their home may choose a cellar design that will be added to the main floor within their home.

A cellar is traditionally placed within the bottom level of a residence. If a full basement is located within a residence and there will be no barriers that will prevent the construction of a celllar within this space, a remodeling contractor may make plans that involve framing-in one part of the cellar and transforming it into a fully-encased wine storage area.

The design of a wine cellar will include the lighting, insulating materials, and cooling equipment that will be added to the space. A remodeling contractor can install recessed lighting and use strategic placements for the insulating materials and cooling equipment. This will optimize the amount of space that is supplied with the area where wine products will be stored.

The Storage Setup and Additional Features

Wine racks include wooden and metal models that contain cutouts for the storage of bottled products. Some wine racking systems may implement a cooling feature. This type of rack will omit the need for an alternate cooling source within a cellar.

The storage materials that are located in a custom cellar can coincide with the structural materials that were used to build the walls of a cellar. Wine products can be organized based on vintages and wine varieties. If this type of approach will be used when storing wine products, a homeowner may want to invest in many storage racks that can each be used to house a distinct type of wine.

Storing additional accessories within a wine cellar is an option that some homeowners choose. If wine will only be enjoyed on special occasions, an end-user may want to store their stemware, ice buckets, serving trays, and other essentials within the space where wine products will be stored. A wine cellar can have a full door added to it that swings or slides open. A door can have a locking mechanism added to it to help protect a personal wine collection from theft.

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