Upgrade Your Tween's Bathroom

As your child approaches adolescence, you may be thinking about updating their bathroom. A cohesive design scheme and modern features may make your child feel more grown, plus it may encourage them to take great pride in maintaining their personal space. 

Cohesive Upgrades That Last

Cohesive upgrades will provide balance within the bathroom. Complementary colors that are selected for the tiling, flooring, and walls can coincide with other design elements that are found throughout your home. Architectural cohesion is an important interior design concept that may increase the value of your residence. If you ever decide to sell your home, the fact that you kept things consistent may appeal to potential home buyers.

First, choose the actual materials that will be upgraded. Next, acquire a color chart and sample photographs from the remodeling contractor. If every aspect of the bathroom will be upgraded, plan out one section of the room at a time.

For instance, you could initially focus on the tub and shower and the tiling that surrounds it. Your tween can become involved; they can suggest some colors or patterns that appeal to them. Request that your contractor prepares a visual diagram of all of the stages of the renovation project. Assess and approve the diagram, prior to the onset of the remodeling project.

A Minimalist Approach And Sufficient Storage

If the bathroom tends to look cluttered and needs to be cleaned frequently, you may want to open up the space and cut back on how many items are left out in view. Replacing busier decorations, shelving, and storage containers with less distracting items will produce a more calming vibe and will free up some space within the room.

There may be some ways to increase the use value of the room. If your child wears makeup or styles their hair a lot, replace the current sink and vanity set with one that contains a pull-out makeup drawer, a built-in mirror, and sleek cabinetry. Your contractor can purchase a preassembled unit or can build one that features a custom design. All of your child's personal hygiene products, cosmetics, and hair supplies can be stored inside the cabinetry.

Your contractor can install nickel- or copper-plated fixtures that will provide the bathroom with sophistication. Compare the products your contractor has access to, with the color and design of the tub or sink. If your contractor will be installing lighting, consider purchasing LED products that are trendy, yet energy efficient.

For more information, contact a remodeling company, such as All American Tile & remodeling by Ry Brooks.

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