Improve Your Home By Remodeling The Stairway

While living in a house that you plan on staying in for many years, you can find many projects worth working on. Major projects that overhaul rooms are certainly impactful. But you can take on smaller projects that will also make a huge difference, such as remodeling the stairway. A smart move could be to hire professional remodelers who can help with every step of your home interior remodeling process.


An easy way to improve the space is by adding more lighting in several ways. Installing windows along the stairway walls will give you natural light to enjoy throughout the day. Since these stairs go from the first floor to the second floor, you can install windows at different heights.

Upper windows are extra beneficial because they are less susceptible to being blocked by outside obstacles such as bushes, trees, and backyard features. Another possibility is to add skylights at the top of the stairway to bring natural light in the middle of the day.

You can install an overhead light fixture around the stairway along with windows. An excellent option is to use a chandelier for lighting because it can serve as the area's focal point.

Going without a chandelier makes it easy to get smart lighting for the stairway. This feature will allow you to control the light's brightness and colors.


While stairs have purpose by giving your family a way to get upstairs and downstairs, you can give them even more with built-in storage. A home remodeling company can invest in custom storage solutions underneath the stairs where there is empty space waiting to be utilized. Shelving, cabinets, and pull-out drawers are all possible storage solutions worth adding.


When working with an older home, you may get incredible value from improving or replacing the stairway railing. For instance, you can make them safer with stronger construction and rails with smaller gaps because you may worry about your kids or pets sticking their heads through.

The railing will naturally play a huge role in the stairway's visuals. So, you can work with remodelers to choose a design, color, and materials that will satisfy your family's needs.


In a family home, you can add carpet to the stairs to improve safety for everyone. Carpeting will reduce the impact if anyone in your family trips or falls around the stairway. Another benefit is that the carpet is soft to walk on, which will make it more comfortable on your feet and joints.

Substantially improve your home by remodeling your stairway with these tips in mind.

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