Three Benefits Of A Skirted Bathroom Sink

There are many different ways that you can change your bathroom vanity during a remodeling project. Choosing a new faucet or sink are both worthwhile options, but you may also wish to transform the look of the cabinet below the vanity. One option that you might not immediately consider is installing a sink skirt. A skirted bathroom sink is a vanity that has fabric in place of the cabinet doors. This is a project that can be complex to do properly, so you should hire a bathroom remodeling contractor instead of attempting the work yourself. Here are three benefits of a skirted bathroom sink.

Quieter Use

When there are doors beneath your bathroom vanity, they can make a noticeable sound when people close them. In a small home, you might be aware of someone closing these doors if they don't do so gently. This can especially be an annoyance if you're trying to sleep while another family member is using the bathroom down the hall. A big advantage of a skirted sink is that it's quiet to use. When someone wishes to retrieve an item from beneath the sink, they simply move the fabric out of the way and reach for the item. This results in no noise, which may reduce conflicts among your family members.

Visual Softness

The average bathroom is filled with hard surfaces. The fixtures, including the toilet, sink, tub, and shower, are all hard, for example. You may wish to balance these hard surfaces with something that offers visual softness. Drapes over the window can work well, but if the bathroom doesn't have a window, you won't be able to use this option. Turning your conventional bathroom vanity into one that has a skirt instead of cabinet doors can provide a degree of visual softness that can augment the look of this space.

Easy To Change

If you have a conventional bathroom vanity and you want different doors on it, it can be a considerable project to change them. Changing the skirt below the vanity, however, is much simpler. Provided that your bathroom remodeling contractor uses hardware that makes it easy for you to remove the skirt, you can replace it with another one in the future when you wish. If you enjoy sewing projects and can create your own skirts, you might even favor alternating skirts based on the time of the year. For example, a skirt with a holiday pattern may be fun in December.

Learn more about skirted sinks by talking to a local bathroom remodeling contractor.

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