How A Properly Waterproofed Basement Keeps Your Home Safe From Storm-Related Damage

Your basement is an area of your home where you might take refuge during a storm. It is also an area that can be vulnerable to damage during a storm if it is not properly constructed, insulated, and waterproofed. Waterproofing is crucial to keeping this area of your home dry during a storm or heavy rains. The following foundation waterproofing information will help ensure your home is protected during severe weather:

What Kind of Foundation Do You Have?

There are several different types of foundation designs used in the construction of modern homes. The slab foundation is the most common, but it's not necessarily the best. A home with a slab foundation sits directly on the ground, which can exacerbate water problems.

Basement foundations are below ground and the most susceptible to damage due to natural and mechanical causes. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good waterproofing design if you have a home on a basement foundation. Your basement has a slab and the foundation walls that make up the structure. And these areas need to have proper waterproofing.

The Basics of Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing systems can be installed as whole-house systems or as isolated applications. There are three basic options for basement waterproofing systems: weeping tile systems, sump pump systems, and interior drainage systems.

Weeping tile systems are the most common. These are special drain tile pipes that are installed around the perimeter of the basement. They are an excellent option for older homes, where basement walls aren't built with basements in mind.

Dry sump pump systems use pumps and piping to move water away from home. Pumps are the most expensive solution for basements, but they are also the best option for newer homes, where the basement walls are solidly built.

Interior drainage systems are the best choice for areas where flooding isn't an issue. They rely on a system of gutters, downspouts, and grates to move water away from your home.

Foundation Damage Caused by Severe Weather

You need to know about basement moisture issues and how to tell whether or not you have them in your home. Water problems in the basement can cause a wide range of problems in the foundation, including cracks in walls, settling, mold, and structural damage. Thus, it is important to have the proper waterproofing in place to protect your home from these issues that can be expensive to repair when they happen.

Maintaining Your Foundation After Waterproofing

Finally, the waterproofing system must be maintained. The membrane should be inspected periodically and repaired or replaced when necessary. If cracks or gaps in your foundation are not sealed, they will allow water to seep into the basement and do further damage. If you do find that water has breached your waterproofing system, it's important to repair it as soon as possible.

Basements should be designed, built, and finished with special attention to each stage of the process. The materials used in waterproofing should also be high-quality to ensure that they can protect against water damage. Contact a foundation waterproofing service, such as All Dry Basement Systems, to get the help you need with your home's waterproofing needs.

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