Choosing The Best Counters To Makeover Your Kitchen With A Contemporary Design

If you want to makeover your kitchen with a new design, contemporary elements will give it a more modern look. The counters are a good place to add these modern design features. Today, there are a lot of options for the materials, colors, and styles of countertops that can be installed in your new kitchen. The following information for kitchen counters will help you add the right features for a modern design:

Lightweight Concrete Countertops

An option you want to consider for countertops is concrete. Today, concrete countertops offer attractive solutions for your kitchen design. There are many benefits to using concrete options for designs, including:

  • Colorful gravel for unique features
  • Acid stain the surfaces with custom designs
  • Unique shapes and forms not possible with stone

The concrete surfaces are a durable alternative to stone. They allow for all the countertop surfaces to be one solid slab. This eliminates joints that make counters vulnerable to wear and damage.  

Colorful Solid Surface Resin Countertops

Another great countertop material is resin. These solid surfaces give you a lot of options for unique and bright colors. The difference with resin surfaces is that they offer options for more colors and tones. This will help brighten up the design in your kitchen with colorful surfaces. You even have options for various custom features with patterns and unique artistic designs.

Resin can be great if you want to have bright features that contrast dull tones of wood or metal features. These countertops can have a seamless design like concrete, which prevents issues with cracking and damage. They are also modern materials that look great in contemporary architecture. Resins are also durable and easy to maintain.

Modern Stone Countertop Solutions

The options for stone countertops also have advanced. This is due to the cutting technology that gives homeowners more options for patterns, colors, and designs in countertops. Some of the options for stone countertops that you may want to consider for a modern kitchen include:

  • Granite surfaces with many colors
  • Unique marble countertops
  • Slate slab countertops

These stone surfaces can be a great addition to modern designs. Ask about options for different cutting techniques to make your stone countertops more unique. Different cuts for stone slabs add attractive patterns that will be unique to your new kitchen design.

The kitchen counters can be a great place to add a modern design to your renovations. Contact a countertop service and talk to them about these options.

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