3 Ways To Improve A Small Bathroom Without Using More Space

As a homeowner, you may know that working with a small room limits your ability to make improvements. If you have a small bathroom that you want to improve, you will need to get creative and strategical to guarantee success with making the room better for your family.

While you could try to use up any space left over in the bathroom, you should not underestimate your ability to get great results by taking on projects that do not consume extra space.


An excellent way to change your bathroom is by adding new windows because you do not have to worry about them taking up space and making the room feel more crowded. Most windows will actually make the room feel larger because of better natural lighting and the view outside.

All you need to do is pick certain areas to install windows that you know will not get in the way of existing features or expose your family in a way that they do not like. If you want to install a window in a spot that would give up privacy, you can put in a frosted window to maintain privacy.


While you may not be able to expand the shower in a small bathroom, you can make other changes and improvements with ease. For instance, you can carve out storage shelves along the shower wall and even add built-in storage in the corners. Another project that you can work on is replacing the shower door with a frameless one for a better look and reduced upkeep.

The main reason why switching to a frameless shower door reduces upkeep is that you will no longer have a track where you need to reach into the cracks and crevices to clean thoroughly.


If you have a console sink or pedestal sink in the bathroom, you are likely lacking storage space due to not having any cabinets or drawers within the vanity area. Fortunately, you can find small and compact vanities that fit into the same space that these sinks take up. This means that you will not have to use any extra space to get a lot more bathroom storage for your family to use.

When you know that your small bathroom could use improvements in various areas, you should hire remodelers and make plans to invest in some or all these projects to improve the space.

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As a homeowner, you may know that working with a small room limits your ability to make improvements. If you have a small bathroom that you want to im