6 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Worth Trying

Based on the popular image of bathroom remodeling, you'd swear the job requires stripping a room the whole way down to the studs. That's certainly one way to renovate a bath, but there are plenty of options for folks who don't want to take radical measures. This article explores 6 simpler ideas that can breathe a lot of life into an existing bathroom.

Replacing the Trim

Much of the character of a bathroom is defined by the trim. What sort of molding, if any, is used? Are the metal features like towel racks made of stainless steel, brass, or iron? Swapping these features out can rapidly revamp a room without being a major investment.


Almost as important is how the room is lit. For example, switching from light fixtures to a recessed lighting system can give a room a more modern sense of style. Likewise, renovating the lighting in a bathroom is an investment in efficiency.

Fresh Tile

Dingy or dated tiles can make a bathroom look rough. It's possible to replace tiles throughout the entire bathroom, and that makes this sort of remodeling a great way to make a big change on a small budget. Switching from dark tiles to light ones, for example, can open up the appearance of a small bathroom. You also can get very artistic and personal in your choices in terms of colors and patterns.

New Grout

Admittedly, this is about as simple as it gets when it comes to bathroom remodeling work. That said, cleaning out the old grout and replacing it with fresh grout instantly revitalizes a bathroom. It's also a good chance to clean up or fix any damaged tiles.

Replacing Fixtures

Toilets, sinks, and showerheads can all deteriorate with time. Even if they've held up well to years of use, old fixtures can date the bathroom as badly as anything.

Putting in new fixtures is also a chance to improve efficiency. Aerated faucets and showerheads, for example, can reduce water consumption. The same goes for installing a low-flow toilet. Given enough time, these changes can pay for themselves in reduced water and sewer bills.


A well-placed mirror can spread light around a bathroom. Especially if you have a good natural light source, such as a south-facing window, this is a great way to make the bathroom more livable. Even if you don't have access to much natural light, a mirror will help you make better use of artificial sources.

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