Things To Think About When Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom remodeling project can quickly turn into a big expense unless you start out with a detailed plan. Talk to your remodeling contractor to ensure you both have the same vision and can complete the job with your budget. Here are some basic things to consider when planning your remodel.

If You'll Knock Out Walls

Some older homes have small bathrooms, especially master baths. If your bedroom has the extra space, you might want to enlarge the bathroom so you can add a walk-in shower, extra storage, or a luxury tub. Your budget may play a role in the decision to enlarge the bathroom since knocking out a wall and moving plumbing around will add to the costs significantly. You could also talk to the builder about making the bathroom you have seem larger by maximizing space and using design tricks such as improved lighting and light colors.

Your Choice Of Flooring

Choosing the new floor for your bathroom is an important decision because the floor will get wet occasionally. You need flooring that is waterproof, but it also has to have texture so it won't be slick and dangerous. Stone flooring with texture added could be a good choice as long as you choose a type of stone that isn't porous and soaks up water. When considering flooring, you may even want to discuss small details such as grout so the remodeler uses grout that's easy to keep clean and resists mildew.

The Color Scheme

Color is important in a bathroom because light colors can make the room seem larger. Plus, colors tend to rise and fall in popularity in bathrooms, so choosing a trendy color now may give you a fashionable look today, but in a few years your bathroom may look outdated. It might be better to stick with white or neutral colors for things like the tub, toilet, and flooring. If you want trendy colors, pick colorful wallpaper or paint that can be changed easily when the color goes out of style.

The Storage Options

A large vanity with cabinet and drawer storage is handy in a bathroom. A closet is also nice so you can store towels and other necessities. However, when you have a small bathroom, storage is usually at a minimum. You may choose a pedestal sink that takes up less space and leaves you without a storage cabinet. You may need to keep bathroom supplies to a minimum and store things on shelves or in wall niches. If you'll need to use shelves for storage, talk to your designer about how to incorporate them and other types of storage into your small space to avoid a cluttered feel and maintain the sleek or upscale look you're striving for. 

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