Deciding Whether To Match Bathroom Cabinets To Your Kitchen

The two areas of your home where you'll have cabinets are your bathroom and kitchen. Some homes have a different cabinet style for each room, while other homes will have the same style. If you can't decide which approach to take, it's not that hard to decide. 

How Close Is the Bathroom?

The bathroom that is the closest to the kitchen might be best off copying the style of your kitchen. Then, when a guest moves from the kitchen to your bathroom, you won't disrupt the flow when they go to the bathroom. When the bathroom is in another part of your home, it's up to you of whether you'd like to use the same style or not. Having different styles in different areas of your home will always help break up the monotony. 

Does Each Room Have Something in Common?

One option is to have different cabinets throughout your home but to have a common element that ties your entire home together. For example, you might want to choose a complementary color that can be used throughout your home. Another approach is to have a specific design style that is used in multiple rooms so that it ties your entire home together. 

Are the Cabinets Complementary?

Even if you use different types of cabinets, think about ways in which you can make them complementary. For example, you might wish to use the same handle style for several cabinets to tie them all together. Another option is to use the same type of finish for all of your cabinets. 

What Works for You?

While there are some guidelines you can follow, the best choice is ultimately up to your own preferences. Even if the bathroom is close to your kitchen, you might have a much better idea for your bathroom style, so sometimes you simply need to go with your gut.

The most important part of a cabinet is the door profile. This plays the largest role in whether your cabinet has a more modern look or if it has a classic look. When you are working with a remodeling contractor, make sure to look at a broad range of door profiles until you know exactly which works best for you. Then, make sure to understand the different wood types and colors that are available. Remember that if you don't like the color of a particular wood type, you can also paint it. Work with a company that makes custom cabinetry, and you can find the right fit for your kitchen and your bathrooms. 

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