Unique Ways To Customize The Roof On Your New Home

When having a custom home built, most people focus on the options they want in the interior of the home, such as the number of closets and the placement of the lights. But having a new home built also gives you the opportunity to customize the home's exterior, and you should take advantage of that opportunity. One thing you can customize is the roof, and here are a few ways to do that.

Add Some Dormers

If your home has a large roof that may look like a big, plain surface, consider adding some dormers to the design. These are little peaks situated along the side of the roof, each of which has a window on its front.

If you will have a finished attic space, dormers bring some natural light into the attic along with breaking up the look of the big roof.

Choose a Cool Color

When your home builder showed you model homes, they probably had black or brown roofs since that is what most people choose. But, do not assume those are your only options.

If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, ask your builder to use a unique shingle color. A light color, like cream or pale gray, has the added benefit of absorbing less sunlight so that your home will stay cooler in the summer months.

Change up the Style

You could choose to put a uniquely shaped roof on the home to really make a statement. Most homes have pyramid or gable roofs, but a shed roof (or skillion roof) is a cool option if you want something that sheds snow well.

This style of the roof just has one slope — like what you would see on a backyard shed. A flat roof can add a modern look to any home, although these only work well in areas that don't get a lot of snow.

Add Solar Shingles

If you do live in a sunny climate and would like to take advantage of that sun, ask your builder if they can fit your home with solar shingles. These are shingles that lay flat on the roof and look like normal shingles, but they act as solar panels by collecting sun and converting it to electricity. The initial investment can be pricey, but you will save on energy over the life of the roof.

When designing a custom home, don't be afraid to experiment with the roof design. Ask a custom home builder such as Custom Homes of the Ozarks for more unique ideas they are able to implement. 

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