3 Upgrades To Consider When Replacing Your Home's Roof

Replacing a home's roof can be an expensive home improvement project, and some homeowners may opt for the lowest price possible. However, if you want to extend the life of your roof and get the most out of it, it can make sense to invest a little bit more money in order to make upgrades that can yield lower homeowners insurance premiums and prevent damage to the roof and your home itself. A reputable roofing contractor can work with you to help ensure that your new roof has all of the upgrades that you need. Some upgrades that you may want to consider when replacing your roof include:

Wind-Resistant Roofing Shingles

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather with high wind speeds, opting for wind-resistant roofing shingles makes a lot of sense. Wind-resistant roofing shingles are typically made of asphalt, and an extra-strong glue is used when placing them on the roof. Between the design of the shingle and the strength of the glue used to install the shingles on the roof, wind-resistant shingles are much more durable and the shingles are at a lower risk of being ripped off the roof during extreme weather and high winds.

Water Barrier

Roofs are designed to keep the elements out of a house, but as a roof ages cracks and gaps can form between the shingles, which can let moisture in. When this happens, a roof can form leaks, which can do a lot of damage to the interior of a home, and the water damage can be expensive to have repaired. An easy way to prevent leaks for many years to come is by having a secondary water barrier installed when you have your roof replaced. This type of barrier is made of rubber and placed on the roof before the shingles are installed. 

Maintenance-Free Gutters

Many people do not realize that the health of a roof relies heavily on the gutters lining the perimeter. If you plan on replacing an old roof, it is also a good idea to upgrade your old gutters with a maintenance-free gutter system at the same time. These types of gutters have hoods over the top, so water can flow into the gutters but the hoods keep leaves and other debris out, preventing gutter clogs. Another great thing about maintenance-free gutter systems is the fact that you never have to pull out a ladder and spend the afternoon cleaning them out.

You may consider reaching out to a company like Double D Builders of Evansville, LLC for more information on roofing materials that work best for your home.

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