Hire A Remodeling Contractor To Help You Bid Farewell To Your Home's Popcorn Ceilings

If your home was built in the 1980s or 1970s, there's a high probability that it has what is known as popcorn ceilings. This type of ceiling is known for its bumpy texture, and while you might not give it much thought to it in your daily life, it's a look that has gone out of style in recent years. When it comes removing your popcorn ceilings, you don't actually have to take down the ceiling panels. Rather, it's possible to scrape off the bumpy texture to give your ceilings a smooth and modern look and feel. Although you might be tempted to do this work yourself, here are three reasons that you should let a remodeling contractor tackle the job.

It's Tough Work

Removing popcorn ceilings isn't an overly difficult task. You typically dampen the ceiling and then scrape it with a paint scraper. The problem with the job, however, is that it's extremely physically demanding. Working overhead is difficult because it strains your shoulders, arms, neck, and upper back, and some people even experience dizziness when looking above them. Although you might save a little money doing the work yourself, the physical toll that this project can take on you is seldom worth it.

There May Be Some Risks

Asbestos is present in some popcorn ceilings in older homes, which can make this job dangerous. As a layperson, you won't likely have an idea as to whether asbestos is present, which could risk you being exposed to this harmful product without knowing it. When you hire a remodeling contractor to remove your popcorn ceilings, he or she will be able to assess whether asbestos is present, given the age of your home. If it is indeed present, the contractor will have the right ventilation gear to wear, thus saving you the hassle and expense of buying this equipment yourself.

It's Possible To Complicate Things

A remodeling contractor who has done this project in the past can almost certainly do a better job than you. Even though the project isn't technically advanced, various issues can occur when you're a novice. For example, you might dampen the ceiling too much, causing your scraper to gouge into the drywall. This will require you to then patch and sand the affected area. If this issue occurs in multiple spots, you'll have made the job significantly more complicated than necessary. A contractor won't run into these obstacles, allowing him or her to get the job done quickly.

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