When Price Is No Problem: Luxury Ideas For Your Master Bathroom Makeover

If you happen to be lucky enough that you don't have to worry about the price of your bathroom remodel, then you're in a great spot. There are lots of things you can do if money is no object. And if you happen to be doing a complete master bath remodel, one which will involve tearing down the entire room and starting from scratch, then you have a lot of room to work with. You can realize any idea that you like, given the amount of space you are working with. This includes everything from redoing the walls and floors, to re-imagining the space with regards to shower, tub, and toilet layout. And here are some fun things you can do when money is no object.

Open Design Waterfall Shower

A smaller master bath most likely won't have the room for a large open shower design. However, if you are planning on tearing down the walls and doing a complete renovation and makeover, then you might also be able to expand the space, and this will allow you to create a luxurious open shower design.

A smaller bathroom won't have the space for an open shower, it will simply not be large enough for your needs. The water will splash around and the room just won't accommodate it. However, with a larger space, you can install an open shower and also utilize something such as an overhead, waterfall shower design. This is installed in the ceiling and will pour down as if you were standing under a tropical waterfall. The plumbers will need to retrofit your ceiling, but since you are doing a complete overhaul, it will be fine.

Marble Tile Walls and Floor

If you don't like the look of your current tile and drywall mix, then make sure to choose beautiful marble tile for the renovation. You can get seamless marble tile installed without visible caulking and grouting, which can be a pain to deal with. Not only that, but the marble has a much more luxurious look to it.

A Stone Bathtub

Since you are renovating the entire room, you should jump at the chance to install a super luxury item when it comes to your new bathtub. Look beyond acrylics and cast iron and choose a stone material. You can either opt for a natural stone bathtub, which would be perfect counterpoint for a modern bathroom design, or you could choose a highly polished-stone soaking bathtub. These are not just beautiful and unbelievably durable, a well-situated bathtub can be the perfect focal point for your bathroom makeover.  The other perfect thing about stone bathtubs, especially the freestanding varieties such as the soaking tubs, is that you won't have to worry about caulking the edge or about little nicks in the enamel or surface; it's stone, so it's virtually upkeep free.

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