Why Refinishing Your Old Tub Is A Better Option Than Replacing It

If your old bathtub always looks dull and dirty no matter how much you scrub and polish it, it might be time to consider having the tub refinished. If your tub is old, the shiny surface may be worn away due to years of using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals to clean the tub. When you have the tub refinished, the top glossy layer is restored so your tub will be shiny again just like a new tub. Here's why resurfacing is often a better idea than replacing your old tub.

You Can Keep The Same Tub

If your home has a vintage tub, you'd have to pay a lot of money to buy a similar replacement. Old cast iron tubs tend to show scratches and porcelain loses its shine with age, so chances are an old replacement tub will need to be refinished anyway. New cast iron tubs can be more expensive than what you're willing to pay in which case, you may just settle for keeping your old, dull tub. If your home has been in your family for generations and has had the same bathtub, you probably want to keep it even if you have to live with a few stains. Refinishing the tub solves all those problems. For an affordable price, the surface of the tub is restored to a like-new appearance and you get to keep the tub you love.

You Can Avoid The Expense Of Replacing The Tub

When you look into having your bathtub replaced, you not only consider the cost of the tub, you also have to factor in the cost of having your old tub taken out. In some cases, this can amount to a substantial amount of money. A cast iron or porcelain tub is very heavy and they are made in single pieces. The tub may need to be busted apart to get it out of your home. If it is taken out in one piece, you'll have to make sure it will fit through doorways and staircases. When you remove an old tub, you'll have fees for disposal of the tub, possible removal of walls or widening of doorways, and plumbing work.

You Can Enjoy A Tub That Looks Good As New

Resurfacing a tub makes it look like new. All the work is done with the tub in place, so costs are low. This is like getting a new tub for the fraction of the price of actually buying a new one and having it installed. You'll enjoy a shiny surface once again and as long as you avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners on it, the shine will last for many years. Be sure the contractor explains how to care for the surface of your tub properly so you can maintain the shine for as long as possible.

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