Remodeling Your Bathroom For An Elderly Resident

Opening your home to a relative who is in their senior years is an act of kindness and love. To make them happier, you might be exploring things in the house that need to change. Whether you were already planning a bathroom remodel or want one to accommodate your new guest, the elderly-friendly bathroom remodeling tips here are worth your consideration.

Install Hand Bars

When your elderly resident is in the bathroom, they could use support when ambulating from the tub to the sink or sitting on the toilet. Many seniors use towel bars, vanities and other things for this support, but you can make the bathroom better by installing dedicated hand bars. Place them near the toilet and inside the shower/tub wall so they're easily accessible.

Consider Walk-in Bathtubs

You may already be thinking of installing a removable shower head and a fold-able bench in the shower. However, many elderly people enjoy baths find them difficult to enter and sit in. Walk-in tubs eliminate these problems because they have a swinging door that doesn't require much movement. These tubs are also good for those using wheelchairs.

Use an Elevated Toilet

To make toileting simpler, look into elevated toilets. Your elderly relative won't have to bend their knees or body as much and they may feel better using such a model. In fact, if they use wheelchairs or have other disabilities, elevated toilets typically comply with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards.

Reconsider Vanity Size

In many remodels, homeowners want to save space and have a vanity surrounding the sink that is smaller than they started with. However, if you have an elderly resident, a sizeable vanity may be preferred. They may not be able to reach toiletry items and towels on high shelves and a vanity with a big surface and drawers could work better.

Planning Heated Floors? Remember Mats

A heated floor is appreciated by everyone, including your new senior resident. These floors work best with stone or ceramic floors, which may present slip hazards; remember to place slip-resistant mats near the tub and toilet if you do this.

Ask Their Opinion

If you're able to discuss remodeling with your elderly relative, asking them what they need can inform your decision making. Is there anything that would make the room easier to be in? Do they have any problems in the bathroom they currently use? Their answers could affect what your bathroom choices are. They could be more comfortable moving around than you think, or they might recognize need for help that you haven't considered.

Discussing special needs and easier ways to get around the bathroom with your contractor may provide more ideas. With those and the suggestions here, your elderly relative can enjoy your new bathroom once it's completed.

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