Insight To Help You Improve The Exterior Siding Of Your Home

Before long, spring will be upon us and the weather will be permissible for outdoor home improvement projects. After winter's harsh weather and blown debris, your home's exterior siding will likely need a good cleaning or update. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this task to restore the look of your home's exterior.

Clean the Siding

Your exterior siding protects your home from wind and weather and can take quite a beating from the elements. If your siding is still in pretty good condition but dirty, you can clean its surface to remove debris.

First apply a cleaning solution of liquid dish soap and water onto the surface of your siding, using your pressure washer and a low-flow tip. Rinse the cleaner and debris from the surface along with any bug and bird droppings, mildew, tree sap, and dirt accumulation, using the pressure washer's medium-flow tip. Be sure to work from the top downward on the siding, cleaning and rinsing the siding one area at a time so you don't give the cleaner time to dry onto the siding's surface. Also don't spray the pressure washer upward onto the siding, as this can push water under the siding and cause moisture damage to the home.

Paint the Siding

Once you have cleaned your siding, you can apply a couple coats of good quality exterior acrylic latex paint to change the color of your home and cover up any stains and other damage to its surface. Acrylic paint will remain flexible and adhere well to the siding, which helps when the siding expands and contracts under different weather and temperature conditions.

If you are selecting a dark paint color for your siding, make sure the paint is approved for use on siding. Darker paint colors tend to absorb the sun's heat, which can cause the siding panels to become warped from the heat. Using the right type of acrylic latex paint will contain reflective pigments to stay cooler in the sun's rays.

Replace Your Siding

If your siding has become damaged, bent, torn, or has missing panels, you may consider replacing the siding with new. New siding gives your home a new look with full protection from the elements, and you can choose the style of its finish or appearance.

You can choose from metal, wood, vinyl, or fiber cement siding installed on your home. Talk to a vinyl distributor in your area to find out the cost and available options for new siding.

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