Make Your Kitchen Easier To Clean With A Few Upgrades

When you get home from work or running errands, you may look forward to cooking in the kitchen. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack, you may always try to find a way that you can use fresh ingredients to cook, bake, or prepare a homemade dish or meal. Cleaning up the kitchen can become a laborious task when you are spending so much time making food.

Although you may not mind the time that it takes to clean everything up, you should consider hiring a kitchen remodeling company to make a few improvements that can help in this regard. 

Fingerprint Resistant Appliances

After a single day of using your kitchen, you may find fingerprints on the appliances. The refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher handles are often the biggest culprits. This is inevitable unless you wash your hands every time before using an appliance inside the kitchen. Replacing your appliances with ones that have fingerprint resistant qualities will help to reduce cleaning.

Smooth Top Cooktop

If you have an electric stove, you are in luck because you can make the switch to a smooth top cooktop. These surfaces are easy to clean due to the lack of holes and grooves. If you have a gas stove, you will only be able to replace the cooktop with one that is slightly easier to clean. So, you may want to invest the money to switch to electric to enjoy problem-free cleaning.

Undermount Sinks

When you have a dishwasher, you may not use the sink often for cleaning dishes. So, you may not spend that much time cleaning the sink, unless you have an overload of dishes and want to do some or all of it by hand. Switching to undermount sinks is an excellent plan because this will prevent the edges of the sink from having gaps where they were mounted into the countertop.

These gaps will pick up water and crumbs when you spend enough time in the kitchen. Undermount sinks drop into the countertop, which means you will not have gaps to clean.


A butcher-block or laminate countertop may look nice in your kitchen, but you may be more interested in functional and ease of cleaning. Going with engineered stone is one of the best options because you can get the surface wet or hot and not have to worry about damage.

Investing in these upgrades will make it a pleasant experience to keep your kitchen clean.

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