Considerations In Kitchen Design For Famillies With Children

The kitchen is the bustling center of your household. You may think it's hard to balance your family's needs and an attractive kitchen you want, but with the right design and contractor it's possible. Paying attention to design details that make the kitchen usable for your children and your personal aesthetic, will make everyone happy.

Make Your Kitchen Interactive

A kitchen that's interactive will allow family time to happen naturally by enticing the whole gang to gather near.  You can make your kitchen interactive by including spaces for your children. For example, you could use chalk board paint to make the cabinets or pantry door a space for your kids to draw.

Another option is to include a center island in your kitchen. A large center island is the perfect place for your children to gather and do their homework. It adds a large amount of prep space for both cooking and crafts.

Room To Run

Beyond making your kitchen more interactive, you should try to increase the space available in your kitchen. Not only will your children appreciate it, but it will add value to your home. While you don't have to include a track in your kitchen layout, you want to include plenty of space to move in your kitchen.

If you decide to include an island in your kitchen to make it more interactive, Building code requires a minimum of 32" between your island and cabinets. However, many contractors suggest at least 42" of space to give yourself plenty of room to maneuver around your kitchen. This will let your kids have room to play and minimize the chance of bumps and bruises. You'll also gain the benefit of having an open kitchen that doesn't feel cramped.

Design With Sturdy Materials

Design is where you can bring the kitchen of your dreams to life, while still integrating the needs of your family. The forefront of your design choices should include strain resistant counter tops and finishes that are scratch resistant.  Even some granite composites have been altered to be more stain resistant. If you have young children, consider countertops with beveled edges to prevent injuries.

Another good design option or families with children are soft close dampers for the cabinets and drawers. These dampers will prevent your children from slamming doors and prevent excess wear and tear on your cabinets.

If you need help designing your new kitchen, you should speak with a contractor, such as at DL Cabinetry - Orlando. A contractor will be able to advise you about what materials would work best for your kitchen vision. Designing with your children in mind doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the look you want for your kitchen. However, designing with your family in mind will help insure that your kitchen can stand the test of time.

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