Transforming Your Attic Into A Cozy Teen Bedroom

As your children get older, they may start to want their own personal space in the home. Converting your attic into a cozy bedroom can provide your teen with a bit of distance from the rest of the family and a little space to call his or her own. With the help of your remodeling contractor, you can give this attic bedroom a beautiful, inviting look and feel. Use the following ideas as inspiration as you begin your remodeling project.

Keep Ceiling Trusses

If you want to keep the rustic look of the attic's natural shape, consider keeping ceiling trusses in place. For attics without visible trusses,decorative truss accents can be installed. Work with your contractor to find the paint color or wood finish that works best with your decor theme. A sleek black hue is ideal for a modern modern decor theme, while a natural wood finish offers a beautiful contrast to light pinks and creams of a romantic vintage design theme. Keeping the trusses in place provides a place for your teen to hang pictures, postcards, and other mementos to customize the space while also adding character to the room.

Create Window Seating

Take advantage of the available windows in the attic by creating a window seat underneath one of them. Your contractor can install a custom=built bench to fit the space, which you can adorn with throw pillows and cushions for added comfort. Make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby for charging tablets and powering reading lamps during study sessions. If your windows are set up like skylights, simply have your contractor install a custom bench and puck lighting in one corner of the attic to create a cozy reading nook instead.

Add A Separate Living Room

Adding a separate living room area can help your teen feel like he or she truly has his or her own space. Ask your contractor to build custom room dividers, such as bookshelves that fit the angle of the ceiling. Leave the center of the room partition open for use as a doorway Once the partition is set up, consider adding wood paneling to the walls of the living room area. You can have your contractor paint the paneling to match the room's design theme. Add a modern, low-profile chandelier to the center of the room, and have a television mounted on the wall. Add a sofa sleeper, futon or couch along with an area rug to complete this portion of the attic bedroom.

Once you have all of the basic items in place, be sure to let your teen do the actual decorating. With your tenn's signature style and the right remodeling touches, your attic can become a teen's dream space.

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